Important Vehicle Fluids to Keep an Eye On


Drivers likely are already aware that they need to get oil changes and tire rotations a few times per year in order to keep their vehicle running smoothly. But another aspect of optimal vehicle operation is ensuring that your car’s fluids are topped off. Here at our Mazda service center, our expert mechanics are happy to explain some of the most important vehicle fluids, and we’re here to top them off when it’s necessary to do so.

Transmission Fluid

The role of transmission fluid is to keep your transmission lubricated, which prevents expensive issues from developing. In addition to checking to see if there is enough transmission fluid, our mechanics will also check the quality of the fluid to ensure that it’s not burnt and is free of particulate matter.

Power Steering Fluid

Power steering fluid is the fluid that keeps your car’s power steering working by keeping it lubricated. Our mechanics will check to see if the fluid is low in your pre-owned Mazda car, and we’ll also check around the reservoir to ensure that there isn’t a leak.

Brake Fluid

The brake fluid in your vehicle is pressurized and adds power to your braking. In order to keep your car as safe as possible, it’s vital that there is enough brake fluid in the reservoir. If the brake fluid hasn’t been changed in some time, it can also degrade in quality, losing effectiveness.

Radiator Fluid

The radiator fluid is one of the components that keeps your car’s engine from overheating. If your radiator fluid is running low, you run the risk of overheating in traffic and getting stranded in your vehicle.

For more service tips like this, talk to one of our friendly mechanics at our service center here at Heritage Mazda Catonsville.

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