Self-Driving Tech Features in 2019 Mazda Vehicles


Self-driving or autonomous driving technology has come a long way in the past few years. While we’re not quite at a point where commercially available Mazda cars can completely drive themselves, the engineers at Mazda at hard at work on making vehicles that include advanced autonomous and self-driving tech features. The i-ACTIVSENSE® suite of safety and convenience technologies is the first step to a fully autonomous Mazda car, and here are some of the self-driving features that you’ll find on 2019 Mazda cars at our dealership.


Adaptive Front-Lighting System: Found on new Mazda vehicles like the 2019 Mazda CX-5, this technology illuminates a greater distance and more brightly compared to halogen headlights. When the system detects an oncoming vehicle, it will automatically lower the lights in order to prevent them from becoming blinded.


Mazda Radar Cruise Control: This advanced system uses a millimeter wave radar to judge the relative speed and distance to the car ahead. It will automatically adjust and maintain a safe distance from the car in front, relieving the burden placed on the driver during long highway drives around the Columbia, MD region.


Rear Vehicle Monitoring System: This autonomous safety features uses a rear bumper-mounted quasi-milliwave radar to measure the distance to cars approaching from behind or in neighboring lanes. If it detects a nearby vehicle when you are changing lanes, it will warn the driver via an alarm and warning lamp.


Forward Obstruction Warning: Forward Obstruction Warning detects vehicles or objects in front of your car using a radar. If your vehicle gets close enough so that there is risk of collision, it will sound a warning alarm.


To try out these Mazda self-driving features for yourself, head over to Heritage Mazda Catonsville today.

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