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As the part of your car that connects the road to the rest of the vehicle, tires are absolutely essential. Every time you go for a drive in your new Mazda car, the tires wear down a little bit, decreasing their performance and tread. Because a tire failure when you’re driving can be a disaster, causing your car to go out of control or leaving you stranded, it’s important to keep your tires in good condition and know when they need to be replaced. The mechanics here at the Mazda service center know a fair amount of tires, and here are some signs that your tires need to be replaced.

The tread on your tires should never fall below 1/16 of an inch in depth. While you can buy a gauge to measure the tread depth, there is an old trick that involves using a penny. With President Lincoln’s head pointed down, insert a penny into the grooves on your tire tread. If any part of Lincoln’s head is hidden by the tire tread, your tires are fine. If not, it’s time to head into Heritage Mazda Catonsville for a tire replacement.

How old are your tires? Most vehicle manufacturers generally recommend that tires be replaced after six years. Check the recommendations made by Mazda for your specific vehicle. Another sign that tires need replacing is when your vehicle is vibrating more than usual. If you notice the shake, take your car to a mechanic right away and they will diagnose the problem.

Here at our Mazda tire center, we carry a wide variety of new tires and we are happy to replace your old and worn-out tires.

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